Dolly Parton Makes a Fan’s Wish Come True

LG’s Last List

When LeGrand “LG” Gold got hit with Stage IV colorectal cancer, he knew his time was limited. So, he jotted down a bunch of stuff he wanted to do before he ran out of time. Right up there, at number 7 on “LG’s List of Living,” scribbled on a napkin, was meeting none other than Dolly Parton.

A Dream Chat

Guess what? Dolly herself made it happen! She called LG and had a heart-to-heart with him and his wife just before Christmas. That simple wish on a napkin turned into reality.

Dolly’s Heartfelt Words

During their chat, Dolly thanked LG for being a fan all these years. And LG? He couldn’t help but beam with a massive smile, telling Dolly how much her music meant to him, especially through tough times.

A Tough Road

LG’s doctors recently gave him some hard news—chemo and radiation weren’t doing the trick anymore. They suggested he head home to be with his family.

A Fan for Life

Alice, LG’s wife, made sure Dolly knew just how much LG adored her. She spilled the beans about their family trips to Dollywood, the books their kids got from Dolly’s Imagination Library program, and how LG’s been grooving to Dolly’s tunes since forever.

Dolly’s Gratitude

Moved by the love from LG and his family, Dolly expressed her happiness about being a part of their journey. She lives for spreading joy through her music and actions, feeling honored that she could touch LG’s life.

The Viral Wish List

Alice shared LG’s bucket list on his Facebook page in December 2022. Besides meeting Dolly, it had plans for an RV trip to the Grand Canyon, catching March Madness, hitting up a Natalie Merchant concert, and watching “TNT Inside the NBA.”

Making the Dream Happen

Alice wasn’t quite sure how Dolly found out about LG’s wish. Friends tried their best, passing the word along to Dolly’s team, even looping in Tennessee politicians at the Nashville mayor’s office. It seems a story on LG by CNN affiliate KSL took off, maybe catching Dolly’s team’s eye.

Dolly Sings Her Love

Before wrapping up their call, Dolly let LG know that she’ll always cherish him. She even kicked off singing her classic “I Will Always Love You,” personalizing it for LG. Her heartfelt words of love wrapped up their emotional chat.

A Touching Moment

It’s moments like these that show how much a simple wish can mean. Dolly made LG’s dream a reality, leaving behind a memory that’ll last forever.